Doragon's Gems Slots

Doragon's Gems Slots

When we first spotted the title of this game, we wondered if there had been a typo. Should Doragon have been written as dragon? No, the title is correct, but Doragon's Gems does include some of the fiery fictional beasts if you like seeing those in action. It certainly ramps up into a promising slot game, so let's delay no further and find out what's happening in this game.

Which game studio does this one come from?

You've got a slot game on offer from Spin Logic Gaming here, as confirmed by the detail at the foot of the game's paytable.

Demo access is therefore confirmed

We did check this, but we knew the slot would have a demo when we realized who created it. They never let us down on this aspect.

Does the theme involve dragons?

It does, yes, and you can expect to see several of them when you play the game. And as if you hadn't worked it out, the cheaper symbols in the game are represented by assorted gems.

The slot game also boasts a gorgeous design

The game looks impressive in lots of ways, but it pays equal attention to the backdrop as it does to the reels, which is good to see. There are rocks and a suggestion of various items glinting there too. Could there be more gems hidden around the place?

Exploring the basics of Doragon's Gems

The game uses the standard five-by-three format, but it doesn't provide any progressive jackpots to chase after. It does offer a dragon's egg though, used here as a wild icon. The only thing this cannot replace is the close-up of a dragon's eye. You might suppose this is used as a scatter symbol, and that is correct.

Paylines on offer in this slot game

There are 25, something that is not immediately apparent when you're gazing at all those dragons and gems. However, they do appear to be fixed, meaning they're all in play on every spin.

How much can you bet on the game?

This is not a penny slot - it's better than that. You can play 25 lines from just 20 cents a go, which is unusual to see. The available top wager is $2 as well, so that is far lower than we thought. However, you can trigger a Bonus Bet option if you wish, which increases the odds of reaching the free games. This is 25% of the standard bet, so if you go for the minimum bet, you'd end up playing 25 cents anyway with the Bonus Bet activated as well. We recommend you play it like that if you can but remember to put your budget first.

A sensible and easy to read paytable

The paytable appears on one screen, so rather than changing from one page to another, you can scroll through it all instead.

Does Doragon's Gems include any bonus features?

Whenever you snag a prize during the game, the Cascading Wins feature will begin. This means winning icons vanish, to be replaced by new ones, with everything falling from above. Check out the added multiplier trail that comes into play too, beginning at 1x and doubling with each successive win. This means that if you can get a few wins in a row, you can take advantage of bigger prize amounts each time. On the next unsuccessful spin, you'll reset that multiplier to 1x again.

Free spins glint inside the dragon's eye

Three, four, or five of those close-up eyes will award you with some free games. You'll get seven, 10, or 13 of them, depending on how many scatters you find. You can also expect the Cascading Wins to form part of these spins if any prizes should appear. Furthermore, the multiplier trail also comes into play with one change - it won't reset to 1x whenever you lose, as it remains on its current value.

RTP info: Can we find any?

The answer here is no, as the creator hasn't added this detail to its paytable.

What did we think of Doragon's Gems?

The appearance is stunning, but everything else about it scores highly as well. We can't honestly rate this one lower than nine points out of 10.

Check out the paytable for a huge maximum prize amount

We were amazed to see a value of 250,000x your bet in this game, confirmed by the paytable. We suspect this must be on one spin, and we bet the multiplier trail has something to do with it.

Demo play is the perfect introduction to the game

Doragon's Gems has plenty of features and elements to note, so if you're finding out about the game for the first time, the practice version is the best way to familiarize yourself with it all.

Play the real thing as well if you're keen on it

Just remember the Bonus Bet element and the minimum bet before you start, so you can tell how far your balance might go on this game.

Mobile action for Doragon's Gems fans

As a modern game release, you can also find this one in all participating mobile casinos. Android and iOS handsets are good to use.