Naughty or Nice? Slots

Naughty or Nice is a slot title inspired by a certain song - a classic at a specific time of year. And if you are humming it already, we guess you know which theme is going to appear in this game. We're going to cover way more than just the theme though, so settle in and let's check out the features you might discover inside the Naughty or Nice slot game.

You're in the hands of a brilliant developer

RTG once again tackles a popular subject and brings us the features in this slot game. That's Realtime Gaming if you hadn't worked it out.

Demo accessibility is fine for this one

RTG never lets us down when it comes to creating a practice version of their games, and they provide this option once again here.

The theme is based around Christmas

We bet you knew that already, but we are delighted to see another festive slot game in their collection on this occasion.

Design features you can look forward to in Naughty or Nice slots

The game offers everything you might expect to see during the average festive season. You might spot a wreath, some tree decorations, and even Santa making the occasional appearance.

Naughty or Nice game features: Let's start with the basics

They're using the traditional five-reel, three-row game format here. It also comes with a progressive jackpot prize, which you'll see near the game reels.

Since the title for this game is Naughty or Nice, you may not be too surprised to spot a Naughty Girl on the reels, along with a Nice Girl. Both are wilds and you need to find five Nice Girls on a paid line to walk away with that jackpot. The only symbol you cannot use either wild to substitute for is the wreath, as that's the scatter icon.

Plenty of festive paylines to cover here

The game offers 50 lines, and while it does push up the minimum bet, it does mean there are lots of chances to pick up some prizes as you play.

You can begin with a penny per line here

This does still mean you're betting 50 cents on each spin though, so make sure you work out a budget and never bet more than you can afford to lose if you're going to play this one. For those looking at higher wagers, the biggest coin available is $5.

Spend a few moments reading through the paytable before you play

This ensures that you'll know what the game is like and which symbols act differently to others before you get underway.

The slot game does not have any bonus rounds

Don't worry though because it does have free spin opportunities to check out.

Free spins and how to find them in Naughty or Nice slots

Find three wreath icons anywhere in one spin to get 10 free games. However, you must choose either the Naughty Girl or the Nice Girl as your wild for these games. Whenever you collect a prize including your chosen wild, it'll be doubled in value.

This sounds cool, but there's more. Your selected wild has other powers as well. This might mean random multipliers with a maximum 20x available, a respin, or an additional free spin, depending on which girl you've chosen and what happens next.

The RTP may vary for this game

It looks like this might be around 95%, but casinos offering RTG slots often set their RTP rates from a series of values. If that's the case for this one, you should read more about the game at the casino to get an accurate return to player figure.

Our rating reaches a good value for Naughty or Nice

It's a nice rating rather than a naughty one, as we are giving it eight points out of 10. We believe the wilds are key to reaching some of the best features here.

The progressive prize is the one everyone wants

That makes sense, but you can check the value on the screen as you play. The odds of finding five Nice Girls on a line are surely the longest of all, but it will occasionally happen.

Demo gaming will introduce you to those two girls

It's always great to see two wild icons in one slot game, and since they're both on your side here, it doesn't much matter which one you see. We'd suggest a stint on the demo game until you can get to the free spins, so you're able to see how those work.

Real play across 50 lines for 50 cents

Is this your sweet spot for real wagers? Work that out first - along with your budget - and go from there.

You can also see those girls on mobile platforms

Don't worry about needing to wait until you're at your computer to play. There is a mobile version available too that's ideal for iOS and Android devices.