Fortunate Buddha Slots

Whenever you spot a slot game with a Buddha in the title, you can guess a few of the elements you might end up seeing if you play that game. So, what else can we work out about the Fortunate Buddha slot game, we wonder? If you'd like some answers, settle back as we take you through all the features you should know about before you play.

Who came up with the game?

This is another promising title from Spin Logic Gaming.

Demo access is there as well, just as you'd expect

If you know a thing or two about Spin Logic, you'll know they tend to provide demo versions of all their titles, and it's the same here as well.

You can work out the theme for this one

It's an Asian one, as you might have suspected given the buddha in the title.

Expect one of their top designs in action here

The game looks excellent, and the detailed design makes the most of the theme in Fortunate Buddha. It's not all about the reels either, which is good to know as it adds depth to the slot game.

Are you ready to discover more about Fortunate Buddha?

We're sure you are, and we can begin by revealing the five-reel format with three symbols on each one. You also have five jackpots to check out, appearing next to the first reel in the game.

The wild gets a label, so it's easy to spot, and this can appear on any reel apart from the first one. It won't sub for the Fortune Orb though, nor will it replace the bag of coins appearing in the game as a scatter symbol.

Are we fortunate to find lots of paylines in this game?

Yes - if you like playing slots with 50 lines in play, this game certainly ticks that box.

What about the bet sizes for this game?

The slot game offers one cent as the cheapest bet on each line, but don't forget you're playing 50, which means you need to bet at least 50 cents per spin here. The biggest bet is $5.

Exploring the paytable for Fortunate Buddha

This game includes the usual reliable and detailed paytable you'd expect from this developer. Even though we are giving you lots of details here, we still suggest you view the paytable on your first visit to the game proper.

Where does the Fortune Orb come into it?

If you find six or more of these orbs, you'll unlock the Fortune Link feature. This bonus round sees all triggering orbs remain where they landed before all other positions on the reels go through a respin. You need another orb to land anywhere for the round to continue, which it then will with another respin. The more orbs you get, the better the outcome. The biggest jackpot available in the game is released to anyone who can fill the grid with 15 orbs. Even if you don't manage that - and let's be honest, most players won't - each orb shows a cash prize. This means you'll receive the total amount shown on all visible orbs at the end of the round.

Does Fortunate Buddha offer some free spins too?

Yes, it does, and you can find three cash bags scattered around to get six free spins. Find more cash bags within those spins to get more of them to play too.

RTP details for Fortunate Buddha

These are not provided in the game's paytable, so the best bet is to check whether the casino displays the return to player value before you play.

Fortunate Buddha: How highly do we rate this game?

The game has a lot to offer, with wild symbols, scatters, five jackpots, and a lot more besides. We love the theme too, and it all ties up for a score of 8/10 from our team.

What about those jackpots?

We haven't mentioned whether they're progressive or not, but that's because you get a mix of both here. The smallest two amounts are fixed, offering multipliers for the bet that triggers either one. The other three offer the largest amounts, and the sum seen on screen for each one is the actual cash prize.

Will you test this game first?

The inclusion of a demo game makes it simple to see what you make of the slot game before deciding whether you can afford the 50-cent minimum bet.

Play Fortunate Buddha for real if you're a fan of the game

You can take plenty of time to decide what you make of the game before changing to the real version if you wish.

What about the mobile version?

The mobile game looks good and uses touchscreen controls, so you can always check out Fortunate Buddha on Android, an iPhone, or an iPad if you prefer.