Lil Red Slots

Are you curious about the Lil Red slot game? We were too, and we checked it out to find out whether it focused on the theme we thought it might. If you're curious too, we've come back with all the answers here. Don't play the Lil Red slot game until you've read this review.

Developer info to start you off

You can learn plenty about a slot just from the developer name, and we've got a good one for you here. It was created by Spin Logic Gaming.

Does it come with a demo version too?

Yes, so you can see what you think of the game without risking your budget. It's packed with practice coins, so there's no risk.

Have you figured out who Lil Red is?

The theme is based around Little Red Riding Hood, so we guess the Lil Red element is a more casual take on that. Once the game loads, you can see many elements of the story coming to life. Other developers have done this as well, but we think this version is cool too.

What did we think of the game design?

It features all the famous elements of the story, so you can meet Little Red herself and the granny, oh, and the wolf, of course. It's more detailed than some of the other games we've seen revolving around this theme, and we think many players will love it.

Here are the basics for the Lil Red online slot game

You've got a standard set of five reels here. There are no progressive prizes involved, but the paytable reveals the values of everything else in play. The wolf crops up as a wild symbol, which we guess was the sensible choice. If you score a wild-won prize, the wolf howls too.

The storybook volume with the Lil Red title on it is the scatter. This is promising as you just need to find enough of them anywhere for scatter prizes.

How many paylines are included in this game?

There are way wins here rather than a limited set of lines, so with a 5 x 3 format we're getting 243 of them.

Betting on the game: Sorting out wagers before you begin

The game asks you to bet one amount on each spin. The cheapest wager is 30 cents, and this covers all the ways to win on offer. There are higher values too, with the highest of the lot reaching $30.

Make sure you check through the paytable before you play

This is where the game rules, prize amounts, and other details are listed. We recommend checking them out if this is the first time you've read about the Lil Red game.

Does the slot include any bonus features?

Nothing occurs on a second screen, but you might take advantage of some bursting wilds. You must simply wait and hope this feature triggers, as it does so at random. When it takes place, you'll see a standard wild symbol become a bursting wild. This means other icons close to the wild might also turn into wilds. You'll then receive any payouts resulting from prizes won that way.

Free spins are up for grabs too

The scattered book can bring you 15 free spins if you manage to get three of them in a spin. Cascading multiplying prizes are a feature of this round. Winning symbols will disappear from the reels and welcome new ones in their places to refill the screen. This carries on if another prize lands, so there is a chance you could net several prizes in a row if you're fortunate with the new symbols.

RTP information isn't included

There will be a value, but you'll need to check with the casino you're playing at to find out more about it. This is quite usual for a Spin Logic slot game.

What did we think of this slot game?

It's a great game and a faithful representation of the story. We love this type of theme, and Lil Red is ideal to check out. Eight points out of 10 is a fair score, we believe.

How much can you get in one prize amount?

The amount depends on your cash bet, of course, but the biggest prize multiplier is given as 2,000x your wager in the paytable.

Play for knowledge and entertainment

These are the two best elements to think about when you're new to this game - or indeed any slot game. You'll get a better idea of what to expect if you play the real version of Lil Red.

Play for real if you like the experience

You cannot be sure of what'll happen if you switch to the real thing, but you do know how entertaining the slot is. Only you can decide whether to play for real, but if you do, you know what's involved by reading our review.

Also available for Android and iOS devices

If you tend to play while you're on the go, you can do so via these devices as well.